For Solder-Reflow Oven Applications.



  MODEL   RTTS-555/6
          RTTS-555/6H  NEW


Thank you for purchasing the Micro Com RTTS-555 series.
The RTTS-555 series has superb functions that enable you to analyze the displayedreal-time
temperature-measurement data inside an oven, right on your computer screen.
The RTTS-555 consists of a Data Transmitter, a Data Receiver and the Application Software.
As the transmitter passes through your reflow oven, it measures temperatures, and after
converting that data to a digital signal, it transmits the data on a special FM frequency to a
receiver outside the oven.
After the FM radio wave is received, the data is demodulated from the digital signal to an
RS-232C signal, and is then sent to your computer.
The RTTS-555 will tell you the temperature inside an oven at any given time and will analyze
the data as it is measured in real time. The receiver also includes a battery charger for the
transmitter's battery.
Please read this instruction manual thoroughly so that you may use our product correctly.


      Receiver:RTR-555              Transmitter:RTS-555/6


Transmitter RTS-555/6 RTS-555/6H
Dimensions・Weight 89(W)×258(L)×25(H)mm
Number of Channels 6 Channeles
Temperature Measurement Range 0~300℃
Measurement Accuracy Within±1.6℃
(Not indludedthermo couple)
Adjust 10bit
Adjustment ability of carrier wicth to mount the transmitter Minimum:117mm,Maximum:298mm
Power supply NiCd-size battery×3 pcs, 3.6 volts
Charge a battery Open the cover of the transmitter and connect between the battery charger terminal and the jack of charging the battery to be charged on the receiver. When the indicated voltage on your PC screen changes to red,charging a battery is finished.
The transmitter (on/off) Turn transmitter on by pressing the metal lever to the case, the transmitter on mode. Open thecover of the transmitter and push the switch button. The transmitter will automatically turn off after 12min. on each time ,if you do not turn off the transmitter.

Receiver RTR-555
Dimensions・Weight 108(W)×142(H)×227(D)mm, (Approx)2.1Kg
Power supply AC100V 50/60Hz 1A (Option:85V~240V)
Output connector D-sub 25pin(female)-D-sub 9pin(male), Data transferring is 9600bps
Battery charging The receiver provides the charger function for the Ni-Cd battery, which is installed in the transmitter. There are two kind battery charger modes (Nomal and Quick). The receiver provides the charger function of a battery for the Ni-Cd battery, which is installed in the transmitter. There are two kind battery charger modes(Nomal and Quick).


 Data transmitter Model RTS-555/6 with the antenna    1unit
 Data receiver Model RTR-555 1unit
 Thermal coupler with connector 6PCs
 Battery for the transmitter Ni-Cd Size AAA 3PCs
 Receiving antenna Rod type,1/4 wave lengh 1PC
 Magnet table for fixing antenna with 2.5m cable 1set
 Adjustable carrier 1set
 Application software Temperature Mea. Ver.5 or Ver.4 1
 RS-232C cable 1.8m D-sub 9pin(female) to D-sub9pin(female)  1
 Cable for battery charging 1
 Heat-resistance type stick-on tape 13mm × 10m 1


 Temperature Measurement Ver.5series

     Temperature Measurement Ver.4series

※Windows95/98 or Windows2000/Xp


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