ONDO_MES Ver.4 Series

1.Outstanding feature

・You can make the profiling data for the automatic judgment on your PC screen at user's option.
・The temperature range judgment can be set to ±1℃.
・Both time axis and temperature axis on the profile can be moved to a screen for analysis.
・After you have named the profile, using alphabet and numerals, it is easy to stor and recall it.
・The starting point of the temperature for the judgment on your PC screen can be set to ±1℃.
You can make accurate and repeated measurment using this function.
・You can select either "YES" or "NO" for automatic judgment.
・When using automatic judgment, either "OK" or "NG" will be indicatec on you PC screen.
If the real-time temperature data is out of the specified on the range, the NG indication will be
displayed immediately.
・You can playback any profile using the file name and display it on yor PC screen.
・You can designate either with the range of judgment or without it.
・When using the judgment, you can modify the range of judgment on other screen and superimpose
this file together with a previous profile.
・Any part of profile can be expanded on your PC screen to observe more details of temperature
and time.
・You can do various analyses on each respective window.
・The measurement data of temperature can be taken in a computer by 0.1 second sampling time.
・At this time, the file name can be written into a profile by alphabet and numerals.
・You can select playback temperature data from the following time length. (0.1,0.2,0.5,1,2,10 second)
・You can scroll the displayed data. If there is data outside the range of judgment, a star mark(*) will
indicated it.
・During measurement, your PC can receive the profile and profiling data from 6channele at user's
option. But if you did not take in any date during measurement, it will be impossible to view.
・At playback, you PC can receive the profile and profiling data from 6 channel at user's option.
But if you did not take in any data in during measurement, it will be impossible to view.
・You can attach a memorandum to data that is taken in your computer, using alphabet and numerals.
・All date can be printed out, and also a profile can be printed out in color.
・Thermal date and memorandums can be transferred to a spreadsheet (i.e.Excel, lotus) using a CSV file.

2.Summary of Automatic judgement method

・You can modify setting temperature and time length (up to 8 points) on the standard profile to make
the profile for your process.
・You can do the translation of axis (up/down, left/right) for both time and temperature axis on above
the profile.
・Next step, you can set the start temperature for measurement (under 100℃ at your discretion) , for
example 40℃.
・When starting the measurement, the range of judgment is disolayed by two of red lines.
・Assuming that the profile has been set at 40℃, and 1 second at the start measurement point, the
profile will not be on your PC screen until one these thermocouples senses 40℃. When one of
thermocouples senses 40℃, a locus will be appeared on the center of judgment range.
・At the same time, OK is indicated on the screen. If a locus is out of hte judgment range, NG will be
indicated. The temperature data that was indicated NG, will receive a star mark (*) on the playback
temprature chart to analyze it in detail.

3.Operational environment condition
 (The computer which you provide, should be as followings)

・Installed Pentium 133MHz or higher CPU and 32MB or bigger RAM.
・DOS/V or PC98
・At least one RS-232C port has to be provided.
・One 3.5 inches Floppy Disk and one HHD (Storage capacity : 10MB or more) .
・The color printer (Applicable to A4 Length or longer size paper.) .
・Operating System should be Windows 95/98/Me or Windows NT/2000/XP and other application
software work correctly.
・A track ball (mouse) has to be connected to the computer and works correctly as a pointing device.

4.Build/Edit/Save Profile  

5.Basis measurement Condition and Communication Port

6.Set Analysis/Display Condition

7.Recall File and Temp-Graph.

8.Recall Display Fall & Temp Chart


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